Chiropractic Testimonials

"I was having an issue with right-side sciatica and low back pain. My chiropractic care helped me learn about natural ways to improve my health. Although skeptical at first, I was pleasantly surprised how effective the adjustments and other therapies helped not only my sciatica, but also my flexibility. I feel others can benefit from chiropractic care. Our creator made us so that our bodies can heal themselves. Chiropractic care assists the body to do that."

- Carrie B.

“I came to you after a year of varying treatments from another chiropractor, 2 different pain management doctors, a neurologist, 2 different orthopedic doctors and a neurosurgeon. I had gone through MRIs, nerve tests, physical therapy, oral and injected steroids, anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxers and dry needling. I had horrible pain in the left side of my neck that radiated down into my back and across my shoulder. My head would get stuck if I turned just right to the left and I would have to manually move it back in place. I changed mattresses and went through different pillows and tried a neck hammock (which was the only thing that gave me relief). I was at my wits end…I was impressed that the 1st thing Dr. Brandon did was to take an x-ray---had any of the other doctors done that they would have seen that my neck was way out of whack---which was due to hitting my head causing a compression injury in my neck. Having had a previous neck injury 30 years ago, I am very hesitant to have adjustments done in this area, however, he was very careful and considerate of my concerns. His approach to adjusting my neck has not caused any of the bad side effects I had experienced in the past. Since I have been going to Dr. Brandon my neck pain is completely gone and I am back to normal, doing all the things I used to do before this whole thing started. I am very grateful for his assistance and am happy to say that I now only need to go back for the occasional adjustment to keep things in place. I would highly recommend Dr. Brandon, he has a great approach to not just taking care of what hurts now but helping people learn how to feel better all the time!!”

- Annette S.

“I believe that the “physical” pain was affecting my daily life. I was not able to carry on with my active lifestyle, care for my home and large gardens and was unable to spend time with my grandchildren. My back pain was so severe that I needed to stop and rest during my day. Chiropractic care with Dr. Brandon helped change my life. The pain is almost nonexistent, mentally I feel 90% better, and emotionally I can carry on without thinking about the pain. I would tell others to try chiropractic care. Why suffer with daily pain when there is help available if they take the steps to achieve better health?!”

- Mary B.

“I went in with a super bad case of vertigo and Dr. Dyrdahl performed the Epley maneuver and adjusted my neck, it really helped me. The dizziness subsided and I did not need any medication. I was super happy with how professional he was.”

- Gary O.

“Dr. Brandon is amazing. He has adjusted both myself, when I have had issues, and my young sons. He is great with children.”

- Angela R.

“I need to thank Dr. Brandon for the care he took with my boys, he was great with them. I was very hesitant to bring them in, worried mama, but I am so glad I did. After one adjustment I have already seen a difference. They slept in until 8:30am (I can’t remember the last time they slept past 7am) and didn’t wake during the night. With no other changes to their day, I have to believe it was the adjustment they received! We will be back for sure!”

- Amanda R.

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